For the first time in our 5 years of business we are staging a complete "studio takeover". What does this mean? It means you get to practice with one of Perth's most loved yoga teachers (plus one more TBA during the takeover) down south for a limited time! Check out the information below about our guest teacher(s) and the special schedule on offer! 


Together Nadine and our other guest teacher (TBA) have over 13 years of experience with yoga. Nadine has a background in teaching hot yoga, power vinyasa, advanced vinyasa, slow flow, hatha, yin yoga, meditation, yoga nidra and meditation for the last five years. She is also recently influenced by Embodied Flow TM and other therapeatic movement practices such as Qi Gong.  She loves exploring all yoga styles with deep respect, because any modality can be chosen by a single soul to align them with what speaks to them. In particular Nadine loves natural fluid movement linked with breath.

Nadine has taught a variety of yoga styles in yoga studios, at events, and recently at the South West Yoga Festival 2018. I’ve also taught in USA, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia at over 20 places.



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VINYASA: Similar to KT’s Hatha Yoga, and Shelley’s vinyasa, we start with a slow warm up, then we raise the heat in the body with a unique flow to prepare the muscles for either a series of peak postures or fun movement. Includes challenges offered for your advanced yogi, but also very accessible for beginners. All levels welcome. 


VINYASA TECHNIQUES: This class solely focuses on alignment, stability and building strong foundations that are helpful for any yoga practice.  It is taught vinyasa style (as above) and students are encouraged to ask questions, tell the teacher what they’re working on – or generally interested in starting their own yoga practice. For all levels.


ARM BALANCE MASTER CLASS: Nadine has been practicing yoga for over 11 years and has the influence in Advanced Asana Sequencing by attending trainings and workshops under teachers such as Les Leventhal, Dylan Werner, Adam Whiting and Megan Currie. Come explore and be inspired! You don’t have to be strong or flexible to come – this is more a fun class where we prepare the body and mind for arm balances, advanced inversions and some fun community vibes! FREE WITH PURCHASE OF TAKEOVER “UNLIMITED PASS”


YIN YOGA: Yin Yoga works along the Traditional Chinese Medicine merdian lines, combined with traditional yogic philosophy. Recommended for beginners, injured people and all levels of existing yogis. It is important to note we work on the fascia/connective tissues (joints, ligaments etc) in a relaxed ambient environment. We encourage the use of props to support all body types.


YOGA FOR ATHLETES: This class includes long held stretches adapted for your triathlete, surfer and teens looking to improve their range of mobility, stability and endurance.  This class includes breathing techniques, warm up stretches, a fun flow for lengthening common tight muscles and a generous cool down for restoring the optimal functions of the body.

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We are offering a special "STUDIO TAKEOVER PASS" for $120

This pass will get you access to all of the yoga classes offered during the takeover period. Not valid for Crystal Sound Bowl Meditation or the Energetics of Asana Series but all other offerings are included.

Regular ZDC Class Cards and casual drop ins also welcome.

To get your STUDIO TAKEOVER PASS please make your deposit to the ZDC account listed below and reference "TAKEOVER"

BSB: 036-645 / ACT: 009410