Morning Flow Yoga

This 60 minute class incorporates seated pranayam (breathing), variations of surya namaskar (sun salutations), standing and floor postures. Class ends with a guided savasana to allow for your practice to integrate through the body, mind, and spirit leaving you energized and ready for the day ahead! All levels welcome.


Gentle Hatha

In today's fast paced world a little dose of slower paced activity is a wonderful way to find balance. This class is focused on releasing tension in the body and mind. Asanas (postures) taken in this class are approached from the most foundational level to highlight alignment and function. While "gentle" does not necessarily mean "easy" this class is appropriate for all levels including beginners and people working with injuries. Conscious awareness of breath is used throughout the class and specific pranayam techniques are often included.


Hatha Vinyasa w/ KT

The term "vinyasa" is often used to describe movement sequenced with breath. This is a dynamic class that uses a "vinyasa style" approach to create heat in the body and draw the practitioner into a state of awareness with their breath. While each class is different there is always an effort made to find a balance of strength and flexibility in both the body and the mind. Modifications are offered for more complex asanas to ensure that everyone is working at a level that incorporates a true presence in each posture that is appropriate for where they are on the day. Focus is sometimes put on specific area of the body or a specific posture allowing students to develop further into their practice. As with all KT's classes there are elements of pranayam to teach calm control of the breath as well as meditative components. 

Yoga w/ Jodi

This Hatha Yoga class emphasizes that your natural state of being is Yoga. Mark Whitwell the founder of Heart of Yoga trains teachers in a way that incorporates the traditions of 10,000 years while still being relevant to our current age. Jodi embodies her Yoga and sense of oneness with this philosophy offering a meditative yet dynamic class that integrates balance on all levels.


Vinyasa Flow w/ Shelley

Shelley's classes are dynamic, strong, and balanced. Blending her many years in the fitness industry with her yoga training you can expect a class that will challenge you and still leave you with the calmness of mind achieved only through a true yogic approach.